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Filming marketing, advertising, branding, corporate video in Vietnam

There are a lot of big companies/organizations need to film corporate videos for the purpose of marketing, advertising and internal use. They could have head quarter outside of Vietnam and branches, offices, Clients, business partners in Vietnam. Thus, they come to film to get some raw materials to produce videos for using later.

Story 1: An Investment fund, a bank, and a cashew company

In the end of Sep 2022, we’ve worked with a project like that which and Investment fund outside of Vietnam want to do videos about their Client – a bank in Vietnam, which would show case of one of their Client, a big cashew company in Vietnam.


Tue 27 Sep:

B-roll HCMC. Client wanted to film at a marketplace which show women entrepreneurship so I brought him to Saigon Square.
Client also wants to film some signboard of HDbank so I found some addresses of HDbank and brought him there to film.

Wed 28 Sep:

06:00 – Arrive at HD Bank headquarters 

Address: 25Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, District 1, HCMC) 

HD Bank will provide transport to travel to the factory. The journey will be appx. 3 hours drive, travelling to Hoang Son 1 JSC. Address: Highway 14, Duc Lieu Commune, Don Lam District, Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam

Transport will be provided by HD Bank

09:30-12:00 – Interview with Mr. Huyen Quang Ta – Chairman and Mrs. Nga Hong Nguyen – Co-founder & Vice Chairwoman of the Company

interview cashew company vietnam
  • As the factory worker will have their lunch break at 11.00AM, we will shoot the company owners working with workers first. 
  • We have informed the company to prepare shooting scenes for us beforehand. 

12:00-17:00 – Lunch and transport back to HCMC (transport provided by HD Bank)

Thu 29 Sep:

8:45am: Interview with Mr. Tran Hoai Phuong – Head of Commercial Banking Division, HD Bank

Scene List:

  1. Cashew Factory B Roll (customer of HD Bank)
  2. Cashew Factory Owners Interview
  3. HD Bank CEO Interview
  4. Vietnam B Roll

Shot lists:

HD Bank CEO Interview:

  • As before CEOs interviews. . 
  • In office, nice natural look for the lighting. Yoyo to dial in for interview. 
  • Office B Roll – maybe 10 or so shots. Make sure some HD Bank signage in shot for some of them. 

Cashew Factory Owners  Interview:

  • They are a married couple so will be interviewed together. 
  • Try and have them sit as closely together as possible, and they should be encouraged to both answer the same question, so that a little discussion between them sometimes arises with one saying, “oh yes and further to that…. Etc”. That interaction is really nice if they will embrace it. 
  • Yoyo won’t dial in as it will be in Vietnamese. 
  • Location TBD, see what works in the place. Probably their office because of the noise. 

Cashew Factory. See company film here:

Shots/areas/actions I like that I’ve pulled and sent through in advance are below. Not sure we can use the above film so we need to operate like we won’t be able to, and get enough of the factory. I am not interested in each stage and “how a cashew is packaged” from beginning to end in a linear sense. We can just get things that look good and evocative and will work as B Roll against their interview. Make sure to get workers too.

Vietnam B Roll:

  • HD Bank signage – either at ATMs or bank branches or at HQ or all of the above. 
  • Shots of entrepreneurial type people – shopkeepers, food stalls, both small and medium sized businesses are good. 
  • Female entrepreneurs as much as possible

Questions for Cashew Factory’s Mr. Huyen Ta (Chairman) and Mrs. Nga Nguyen (Co-founder & Vice Chairwoman):

  • Please tell us about yourselves – where do you live and work?
  • Tell us about your business – how was it started, how has it grown?
  • Has it been a difficult journey to get to this stage? 
  • What is the market like for cashews in Vietnam? 
  • What is it like for female entrepreneurs in Vietnam? Did you face any difficulty? 
  • What is your association with HD Bank? When did this start?
  • How has HD Bank helped you to grow your business? 
  • Were you tempted to get loans from elsewhere before HD Bank? How come? 
  • Would you recommend partnering with HD Bank to other entrepreneurs? 
  • What would like to achieve in the future for your business?

Questions for Mr. Tran Hoai Phuong – Head of Commercial Banking Division – HDBank:

  • ​​Describe HDBank in a sentence
  • How many branches do you have across the country? How do customer needs differ across the country?
  • What is your target market?
  • Describe the current macro environment in Vietnam
  • What are some of the biggest hurdles facing MSMEs? 
  • Can we talk a little bit about informal loans (money lenders) and the danger of those? 
  • Let’s talk about women entrepreneurs, why do they tend to face greater difficulties in accessing capital? 

What does the bank do to cater for these female customers? (i.e. Developing new credit underwriting tools to help women meet collateral requirements, training bank staff to counter implicit gender biases, as well as flexible delivery channels and bundled services that help time-poor women.)

  • How does HDBank seek to improve access to capital for MSMEs more broadly? 
  • Digital banking is a focus for the bank, tell us about some initiatives you have implemented and how they have improved customer outcomes
  • How do your products cater to the needs of emerging consumers?
  • Tell us about your green financing initiatives!
  • Describe the growth of the company to date, and the potential for growth in the next 5 years
  • The role of SMEs in society?
  • What attracted you to LeapFrog?
  • How has leapfrog helped you and your business?
  • How do you view LeapFrog’s role and impact vs other shareholders in your cap table?

In this project, we’ve helped the Client with: renting equipment, arrange transportation, communicating with different parties to make the filming happen.

Final film is posted here:

Story 2: A German medical device company, a medical equipment import-export company and a hospital in Vietnam

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