signing release form filming fixer in vietnam

What we do as fixer in Vietnam

What we do


  • Receive inquiry from Clients, verify about the project, asking questions to understand better, sending a quotation.
  • Research about filming location, contact interviewees in advance.
  • Applying for press visa, film permit, drone permit and other documents (if requested)
  • Book and arrange transportation.
  • Hiring local crew, renting equipment (if needed)


  • Pick up filming crew from airport, supporting them with exchange money and buying sim card at airport (if necessary).
  • Communicating with driver(s), local crew and related people and parties in Vietnam to make the filming happen; buying water, snacks, batteries, discs, gifts; printing interview questions, call sheet (if needed)
  • Renting filming equipment
  • Interpretation while shooting, translate interview questions in advance
  • Give recommendation about food/restaurant, notice restaurants about film crew members who don’t eat certain food (if requested).
  • Asking for signatures for release forms (if requested).
  • Help to make small payments (if needed).
  • Support for small questions, translation after the filming is done.
  • Sending invoices, receipts and finalize the payments before, during and after the project is finished.
  • Asking and taking feedbacks, comments from Clients after the project is finished.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t driver car and vehicle to bring you around. We can only help with booking vehicles and arrange transportation.
  • We don’t do anything illegal or unethical or affect our safety and other people’s safety.

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