Filming in Da Nang, Vietnam

As the 3rd biggest city in Vietnam and being named as the cleanest city of the country or the best one to live at, Da Nang attracted millions of visitors every year. Unlike Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh being overcrowded and polluted, Da Nang still have lots of space for people to breathe. At the same time, it has a lot to offer and is a popular filming location. So what can you film in Da Nang?

Filming in Da Nang
Da Nang daytime
Da Nang at night
Da Nang at night

Dragon bridge – as a symbol of the city, attract so many visitors. Beside filming the beautiful shape of the bridge in daytime. At night time, on the evening of Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 9pm, you also can film the dragon makes fire and water from its mouth. The time it happens is pretty short, just within 15 minutes, and the places are packed with people watching it, thus, be there early if you want to secure a place for filming. If you fly a drone and need a space for the drone to take off and land, we’ll show you a place to do it when you’re there.

Dragon bridge Da Nang
Dragon bridge at night

Beside, Da Nang also have other interesting bridges: Han river bridge. The bridge was designed to be able to rotate the middle part of it for the purpose of letting ships and boats passing by for few hours at the mid-night. However, nowadays, the demand of boat passing by is much less. Thus, the bridge is only rotated on Sat/Sun evenings at around 10:30 or 11pm for touristic purpose.

The main attraction of Bana hills which catch a lot of curiosity and attention is Golden Bridge. The bridge is carried by 2 hand-shaped stones and is just there for tourist purpose. However, Bana hills also has other attractions, such as the French village, games and experiences, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and seasonal festivals.

One thing you may not aware when coming to Bana hills is the weather could be windy/cold, rainy/foggy to the extend you can’t experience/see things. Top of Bana hills is at 1,489 metres (= 0.925 miles) in comparison with sea level. The length of cable car to reach to Bana hills is 5771.61 metres (= 3.5863 miles) and it takes around 15 minutes to travel by the cable car.

cable car Bana hills
Cable car Bana hills

When you are at Da Nang city, the weather might be sunny, or at least not rainy/foggy, but when you reach to Bana hills, things might be completely different. And people at Bana hills not gonna tell you how is the weather there. Obviously, regardless of weather, they also want to attract people. On the other hand, weather is quite unpredictable, even they themselves can’t say how would it be.

Look at photos below, you can’t film in this condition, right?

foggy at Bana hills
Fog at Bana hills

Current entrance ticket price for Bana hills is 750,000 VND. If you go as a team, you may want to purchase tickets in advance to avoid possible queueing to buy tickets.

Bana hill ticket
Bana hill ticket

You also can download Bana hills map below for your reference, as the map is too big to display on this website.

Marble mountains

is a cluster of five marble and limestone hills located in Ngũ Hành Sơn District, south of Da Nang city in Vietnam. The five mountains are named after the five elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (soil). However, people usually only visit the Water mountain, due to it’s the highest and most beautiful one among the fives. Its height is 106 metres (0.06586 miles) and its area is 7 hectares.

Water mountain map
Water mountain map

Current entrance ticket fee for Water mountain is: 40,000 VND (not included Am Phu cave), 20,000 VND for Am Phu cave and 15,000 VND for one-way ride of the elevator.

time lapse at Huyen Khong cave
Doing time lapse at Huyen Khong cave for 3.5 hours

Here is a time lapse video of Huyen Khong cave.

Da Nang and Hoi An are close to each other, it takes only around 30 minutes to travel from one to another, thus they’re usually being selected to be filmed together.

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