I would like to confirm with you that my firm UniAction and I, have personally been working with Khuyen last year (2017) while were we filming in Vietnam. Our crew of 12 people travelled together from Southern to Northern Vietnam. Khuyen is an exceptional person. Very respectful, competent, friendly, resourceful, knowledgeable, patience, helpful, manage to arrange and fix things that occurs unexpectedly. It was a great pleasure working with her!

Nguyen Thi Be Nho – UniAction Canada
vietnam fixer recommendation


I worked with Khuyen Tuong in Vietnam last year (2017) and the experience was positive. She assisted me with a Natural History shoot that I was doing in two locations and everything ran smoothly.

Mark Orton

Seeing Red Media


I confirm that I worked with Khuyen, and I was really satisfied of this cooperation:-) She is very positive person, helpful and engaged in her work.

Katarzyna Benbenek-Ziętar

TVN Poland


Khuyen is great, reliable, hard working and so Professional. I highly recommend her services.

Louise Dana

Elephant Adventures, France

Khuyen worked as the lead fixer for Sky News for the US-DPRK summit in Hanoi February 2019. She assisted with the recce, made all the logistical preparations for our live point, set up our shooting schedule for preview reports, and oversaw two crews during the summit itself. I would 100% recommend Khuyen: she is highly organised, very hard working, gets what you need done, and all with a smile.

Michael Greenfield

Sky News United Kingdom

Khuyen is essentially a very diligent person and has very good PR skills. She was our translator for some research we were doing in Hanoi on the great leader Ho Chi Minh in 2018. Not only did she do a very good job translating on the spot our meetings with officials, she even offered to translate and transcribe all the recordings after that. A very pleasant and knowledgeable young lady.

Gerard Benedict


I had a very good working experience with Khuyen in 2019. We began to collaborate during the preparation of the filming, and then spent two weeks together for the shooting in Vietnam, and the whole process went very well. Khuyen is reliable, attentive, hard-working, and responsive. I would like to stress her easy contact, her relevance and curiosity, which are deeply helpful for the preparation/researches, the interviews and the entire editorial process. We had a great time working together.

Caroline Halazy

Freelance Producer, France

We were very happy with Khuyen’s services. She was completely clear about the process right from the start and everything worked exactly as she had told us it would do. Her prices are very reasonable and she provides an excellent service. We would certainly use her again

Dylan Harris – Lupine travel

Khuyen and I worked together on a couple of occasions and I came to know her as a dedicated, enthusiastic and sincere person. She’s a hard worker and takes her job serious and is kind at the same time. Highly recommended!

Annemarie Kas

NRC Handelsblad

Khuyen worked with myself and a team from Sky News to cover the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un in February 2019. In addition to many other things Khuyen worked tirelessly to ensure that our dedicated Internet connectivity was fit for purpose, installed on time and in the right place. When we had some technical issues Khuyen was straight on the case to get these problems resolved. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Khuyen, a truly dedicated, multi-tasking fixer.

Chris Smith

Sky News United Kingdom

After three years in the making and one year waiting because of the pandemic, the film is finally coming out in Quebec and it’s a success thanks to you ! Planning and execution was both impeccable and friendly, with some flexibility to allow for unplanned magical moments to happen. I recommend this team from the bottom of my heart and wish you many more shoots to come!

Marie-Hélène Panisset

Canadian Filmmaker at Les Films de L’Hydre

I’m an American documentary filmmaker and I hired Khuyen twice, once in 2016 and once in 2019. Her skills are extraordinary – her language translation and interpretation skills are impeccable and she is a real problem solver. Also, she is very organized and skilled in logistics. Morever, she is a good, kind and engaging person to be with and to talk to. I highly recommend Vietnam Filming Fixer and Khuyen for any filming needs in Vietnam.

Peter Forbes McDowell

Peter McDowell Arts Consulting

My production company shot fitness content with Khuyen for 18 days in Vietnam, and the experience was beyond great! Right off the bat, Khuyen was extremely responsive, and answered all of our questions. All the way through pre-production, she was attentive, immediately responded to emails, and was extremely helpful. Once we arrived in Vietnam, Khuyen was with us every step of the way. She was friendly, considerate, and extremely thorough and helpful. We had a total of 14 crew members, with a lot of different needs and asks, and she was able to seamlessly assist us. We traveled from Hanoi, all the way down to Da Nang, and Khuyen was knowledgable and helpful in every city we filmed in. She helped us secure filming permits, and handled all of our accommodations. Even down to finding restaurants, and helping the crew arrange for laundry pickup. No task was too small or too big for her to handle. We filmed every location we wanted to, and Khuyen made the entire process easy. Because of this wonderful experience, we now consider Khuyen a friend, and hope we get to come back to Vietnam to visit her again. I would highly recommend her to any production considering filming in Vietnam. She is knowledgable, has strong connections with local authorities and the film office, and can handle any needs your production may have. 10 / 10 experience!

Steven Doxey

Owner at Digiphile Productions/ Journey Creative

I worked on a production for 18 days across Vietnam with Khuyen and she was on top of every detail during our shoot. We had 14 crew members with different diets and needs and she accommodated everyone perfectly. I can’t recommend her enough!

Dan Krauss

Adventure Lifestyle Photographer/Director at Dan Krauss Photo

Khuyen is incredibly hard working and worked tirelessly for our production along with the rest of her team. We were a huge UK crew producing a high end comedy travelogue with that came a lot of demands!! We came away with everything we asked for and more and managed to pull off more than a few miracles along the way.

Amy Billing

Series Producer – CPL Productions