How to be a good film fixer? (fixer in Vietnam)

Film fixer (in Vietnam) is something who almost anyone who can speak English/a popular foreign language can jump in. However, to be a good film fixer is another story. A film fixer isn’t simply an interpreter, nor a tour guide, though there is over lap in their work.

To be a good film fixer, you need to:

  • Being able to communicate well, clearly and responsive. Communication plays a big role in the work of a fixer. Without effective communication, fixer can’t do their work well. Fixer is the bridge between film crew/production company and local people where filming happen and help to communicate between those people, fixer’s communication plays a vital role in the success of the project.
  • Responsiveness plays an important part in communication as well. All parties need information fast so they can decide and/or prepare.
  • Resourceful: Having good knowledge and understanding of local laws, culture and practice, as well as having good connections and resources, or know where to find information to make things happen is one of the factors to make a good fixer.
    A film fixer in Vietnam should understand and know well about: permit requirements, how to travel from one place to another,
  • Persuasive: Being able to convince people for filming and interviewing is a quality that a good fixer need to have.
  • Flexibility: Film industry is one of industries with the most changes and unpredictability. A fixer need to be flexible in changes in schedule and planning and need to be quick to adapt to the changes.

Besides, anything, and many unexpected things can happen in a filming trip. A good film fixer need to be able to find a solution, adapt and respond fast with the situation.

  • Honesty:

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