Looking for a fixer in Vietnam for your upcoming filming project?

You/your company plan to come to Vietnam to film and there are lots of things you want to know before coming, such as: film permit, rules and regulations, common practices, expenses …?

You want to look for help to research about stories, finding locations and contacting people before coming to film?

You need help with renting car, arrange transportation, renting filming equipment, gears, even hiring crew member such as DoP, cameraman, sound man, assistant, drone operator?

You need help with booking accommodation at remote locations where there is no hotel available on hotels.com, airbnb or agoda?

You need help with catering service?

You don’t know where to start, you don’t know about possibilities, challenges, culture differences?

Welcome to Vietnam Filming Fixer, here will help you to find the best solutions for your filming in Vietnam trip!

First, let’s take a look at what do you need for your filming trip in Vietnam.

film permit vietnam

Film permit Vietnam

Learn about film permit, drone permit, press visa and film officer in this post

Fixer services Vietnam

Fixer services Vietnam

Film fixer is your local organizer who help you to arrange things and make things happen.

Hiring filming crew

Instead of bringing crew from abroad to here, we can provide you full package of DOP, cameraman, sound man, AC, PA/runner, talents

vietnam film equipment

Renting equipment

No longer need to bring equipment to Vietnam, we can provide everything you need

filming transportation vietnam


Instead of bringing crew from abroad to here, we can provide you full package of DOP, cameraman, sound man, AC, PA/runner, talents

notes while filming in Vietnam

Other notes

Arrival instructions and other helpful notes for your filming trip in Vietnam

Either researching for the filming trip, finding interviewees, identifying locations and schedule, applying for permits, arrange car service, translation, booking accommodation and all other logistic matters, you can find a solution with us.

See what our Clients said about us:

September 25, 2022

Khuyen is incredibly hard working and worked tirelessly for our production along with the rest of her team. We were a huge UK crew producing a high end comedy travelogue with that came a lot of demands!! We came away with everything we asked for and more and managed to pull off more than a few miracles along the way.

Why getting a fixer in Vietnam?

Though you may have so many experiences filming around the world, though you can find an English speaking driver by yourself, there are still many barriers which would be totally helpful to have a local fixer to work with you in Vietnam, such as: permit, language/translation, local culture and customs, best places to film, getting equipment.

It’s helpful to have someone flexible and adapt with changes quickly, as filming has a lot of changes.