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By law, to fly a drone in Vietnam (include pleasure purpose) you need to have a permit (according to Decree 36/2008/ND-CP and Circular 79/2011/ND-CP) without a permit, you can be both confiscated the drone and fined.

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1) Where to apply drone permit in Vietnam

Drone permit is granted by Department of Operations – General Staff of the Ministry of Defence. The only official way to contact them is to come to their office or via airmail. So how to apply drone permit if you are outside of Vietnam? If you are coming for filming, it can be done with help of Foreign Press Center or your fixer. If you are coming for travel purpose, you can ask help from a travel agency/drone permit service.

If your drone permit isn’t granted, you would receive an answer for the reason. Drone permit won’t be granted if you use drone at or close to: military base, airports, seaports, train stations, electricity and water plants, electricity stations, government offices, television and broadcasting stations, research institutes, and border of the country and more.

* Note:

As foreigners/foreign organization you can’t apply drone permit directly under your name, you must apply film permit first, then apply for drone permit. Those who come under tourist visas, if they want to apply for drone permit, then they have to ask a travel agency to apply for them, and they must have a tour guide going with them. However, as a tourist, you would most probably not be able to apply for drone permit for more than 3-5 locations. And location here I mean only one location with its own/unique longitude and latitude, not a whole area.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a general drone permit for all locations. And you can’t come first, see the places, then decide of where do you want to fly.

2) Drone permit application for filming purpose

+ Drone permit will be under name of filming crew, price varies depend on your purpose and locations.

+ To be able to apply for drone permit easily and quickly, it’s best if you give names of exact locations: such as: street name/village name + district name + province name (together with longitude and latitude)

Photo of a drone permit

drone permit Vietnam

* If you come for travel purpose and want to fly your drone, here are conditions about it:

– The permit must stand on a Vietnamese person name, so you should hire a Vietnamese to go with you to stand on the permit name.

3) Cost of drone permit:

To acquire a drone permit in Vietnam, you need to pay for:
+ film permit, which is usually daily rate
+ a film officer to accompany you
+ drone permit

All those costs are quoted by Foreign Press Center and Ministry of Defense and it’s case-by-case based.

Price of the permit depends on how many days you want to fly the drone, and how many spots in that day. On the drone permit, the spots will be listed as exact as longitude and latitude.

Drone permit cost can be cheaper if being applied under a Vietnamese person’s name, as a Vietnamese can apply for a drone permit directly without applying for a film permit. This is because the policy of Vietnam is only allow a foreigner to fly a drone if the purpose is to film legally in Vietnam.

3) Drone permit for foreign tourist/individual:

There is NOT legal frame for drone permit for foreign tourist/individual yet, so we can’t help to process a drone permit under your name. We can only support for filming/business purpose. You can apply a drone permit only if you have a film permit and it would be costly and complicated for you.

If you bring a drone to Vietnam and use without a permit, it’s under your own risks. Maybe you don’t get caught and be fine, but we can’t guarantee for it.

4) Drone permit for agricultural/health care purpose:

Please contact us to inquiry if you need drone permit for agricultural/health care purpose.

* Note:

If you would the fly the drone in Hanoi, then after having the drone permit, you should upload its scan to dji app, since due to the forbidden of flying drones at some certain places in Hanoi, dji may block many parts of Hanoi in their original setting of the drone.

Following are screenshots from their website, you can check on their fly safe page:

drone permit vietnam
drone permit vietnam

There are certain parts of Hanoi that even if you apply for a drone permit, it’s usually not being permitted, for example those around Ba Dinh square.


The Prime Minister recently directed to ban drones in the radius of 8km from any airport. 
The directive document is all in Vietnamese. 
However, you can check this article in English here.

It will be okay in Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An, due to most regular filming locations are far away from airports.
However, some locations in Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang may not be approved, such as Notre-Dame cathedral in Ho Chi Minh city and Dragon bridge in Da Nang.

Want to inquiry further about drone permit Vietnam? => Contact Ms. Khuyen – Fixer in Vietnam via khuyen@vietnamfilmingfixer.com

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