Vietnamese DOP camera man filming

Vietnam camera operator / Director of Photography (DOP) / filmmaker for hire

Many production companies, news/TV channel, crews abroad want to hire camera operator / Director of Photography (DOP) / filmmaker in Vietnam for their projects. This is because not all Clients/companies have their own cam op/DOP, they usually hire freelancers and they can hire someone from their country or can also hire someone in Vietnam.

When hiring this position, Client usually cares about: skills, experiences, rate, communication, English-speaking skill, ability to communicate and work with the Director and the crew/team.

Knowing a rate for budgeting and considering is important, but a rate depends on many factors, such as:

  • location of the project, indoor/outdoor, filming condition
  • the story/content/script/complication of the project
  • what camera/equipment to use
  • how many crew to support/assist
  • timing/hour many hour per day, how long is the project.

Our camera operator / DOP can work with different kinds of cameras: arri alexa mini, black magic, etc. For lists of cameras available to rent and what our drone op can use, please check this post!

Responsibilities of Vietnam camera operator

  • Operate the camera according to director’s instruction and discuss with director about filming to get the best footage.
  • Managing and responsible for the camera, batteries, tripod, etc. If the cam op has an assistant, then the assistant camera would be also responsible for those.
  • Moving and using the camera to film people with their consent and trying to respect people and the environment as much as possible.

Sometimes a camera operator is also DoP.

Responsibilities of Vietnam Director of Photography (DoP)

A DoP is a filmmaker that design movements and distance, setting of a camera to serve a filming purpose. This filming purpose can be decided by Director/Producer/Creative Producer.

Sometimes a DoP is also camera operator.

Show reel:

Filming and photography at a steel company:

Short movie – high school love story (milk tea):

Video introduction about Hue:

Story about a clinic/hospital:

Documentary about bomb removal:

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