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Notes when filming in Vietnam

What do you need to note when filming in Vietnam?

+ When your team arrives at the airport, normally film fixer & officer will come to meet and pick up you of course. But please note that Noi Bai airport is no longer allow people with signboard to stand in door of arrival hall, must stand outdoor. Thus, I usually send a selfie of myself via Whatsapp for the crew to look for me. I of course also can look for you based on your photo.

+ Sim card with 3G/4G: must buy at airport to avoid registration (wasting time). Which brand to choose from? Vinaphone, Mobifone or Viettel? If you’re only stay at cities, then whatever is fine. However, if you would go to a remote location, mountain areas, then Viettel is recommended due to they still mostly have signals at those place.

+ Electricity: In Vietnam, the most popular socket is the one for plug which has two flat parallel pins and two round pins as photo. Vietnam operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz. At good hotels, they would have socket matches most of plugs available. And you can buy adaptor at electronic store.

Notes when filming in Vietnam
Notes when filming in Vietnam

+ Exchanging money at airport is also recommended for rate and convenience.

+ Airport is usually not allowed to film when it’s closer to National Holiday when airport is crowded and reach to highest security level. (You can stay in the car and film via the window, though). When it’s allowed to film, you still need to pay for a film permit fee at the airport, despise you already have and paid for regular film permit.

+ Vietnam Dong is the currency accepted by law for transaction here, and also the most popular one, you may not be able to spend by USD or Euro or other foreign currency here easily. (Unlike Cambodia, you still can spend by USD quite easily). Many places specially suburban, rural don’t accept credit card, thus, having a sufficient amount of VND is helpful. The best place to exchange money (and buy sim card) is at airport, the rate is the same or almost the same with city center, and it’s legal to exchange there. (Some crews also just transfer money to me, and I’ll help them to spend in VND, so they don’t have to carry lots of cash, but it’s up to each team’s preference)

+ Cash withdrawal is limited to 2 million VND/time, with withdrawal fee is 50,000 VND/time.

+ For domestic flights, we recommend you to NOT use Vietjet Air, since they’re famous in delay flights and it would cause you lots of trouble. The screenshots below described what I said, and I can send you more evidence if you request.

Notes when filming in Vietnam
Notes when filming in Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways are both the best in term of being on time. Jetstar Pacific is still better than Vietjet Air.

+ Weather is unpredictable, and forecast isn’t usually precise, so if you have option 2 in case it rains, please include in the filming schedule.

If anything isn’t listed here, please contact us to ask!

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