hiring local filming crew in vietnam

Hiring local filming crew in Vietnam

Working with your own crew who you are familiar with is easier. However, it’s not always ideal to bring a full crew to another country, such as Vietnam. First of all, you have to pay for flights, accommodation, food and miscellaneous. 2nd, crew may have a harder time to adapt to a foreign country, and may not speak the local language.

On the contrary, hiring local crew has so many advantages:

+ You don’t have to pay for flights and visa. You may not need to pay for accommodation and food if crew live in the same city with filming location.

+ Local crew speak local language and already familiar with time zone, weather, traffic, as well as other conditions of local area.

+ The cost to pay for local crew could be significantly lower than bringing a crew from abroad.

+ When you use local crew, equipment can be rented locally, which reduce the cost as well.

+ Local crew can speak English and many of them have excellent skills and experience to work on your project. And we can send you show reel in advance so you can check if their skills are suitable for your project.

When hiring local crew, you also can rent equipment locally. Usually you can give local crew list of equipment you want, and we would find the same or alternative. To learn more about renting equipment in Vietnam, you can check this post.

1) Hiring Camera Assistant in Vietnam

To hire assistant camera, you need to be specific if you need 1st AC (focus puller), 2nd AC or 3rd AC.

Each person requires different set of skills and experience.

2) Hiring gaffer in Vietnam

Gaffer in charge of lights and are responsible for transporting, setting up, adjusting lighting equipment.

3) Hiring grip in Vietnam

4) Hiring sound recordist in Vietnam

For sound, you need to specify location sound or voice over.

Usually, sound man has his own equipment.

Basic KIT for Voice Over:

  • 01 boom Sanken Cs3e shotgun microphone.
  • 01 wireless Zaxcom TRX2.5 + QRX200.
  • 01 Recorder Sound devices 744T.

Basic KIT for Location Sound:

  • Lavalier microphone : Sanken COS11 X 02pcs.
  • Shotgun microphone : Sanken CS3e X 01pcs.
  • Wireless system : Zaxcom TRX2.5 and QRX200 X 02 kit.
  • Audio recorder : Sounddevices 788T-SSD X 01pcs.
  • Boom pole + Shock-mount + Windshield : K-Tek Klassic Pro X 01 kit.
  • Timecode generator : Tentacle sync X 02pcs.
  • Wireless Audio link to Camera for reference sound : Sennheiser EW100 X 01 kit.
  • IEM : Sony UWP-D11 wireless + Sennheiser PX88 headphone X 02 kit.

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5) Hiring Art Director in Vietnam

From director’s treatment, Art Director discuss with director/producer and draft ideas about art direction, go scouting to find a suitable location (if needed), finalizing with director/producer about a design, then do set design, then set up set on location real or studio depend on requirements of the job, then available onset during shooting.

6) Hiring Wardrobe Stylist in Vietnam

Wardrobe Stylist is in charge of designing and providing outfits for talents for filming/photography.

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