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Filmmaking in Vietnam (Film production company in Vietnam)

Authorities manage filming industry in Vietnam

The main authority manage filming industry and filmmaking in Vietnam is Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. And the office that is specialized in this Ministry is Cinema Department. However, when it involves foreign filming, one more authority has the right to manage, that is Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Film schools in Vietnam

To study filmmaking in Vietnam, there are some official schools as follow:

Filming market in Vietnam

Filming market in Vietnam now is mostly developed in bigger cities such as Ho Chi Minh city, and Hanoi.

Vietnamese drama or television films that made in Vietnam hasn’t yet made a significant impact and outshined by American/Western, Korean, Chinese movies.

A lot of filmmaking in Vietnam currently are for advertisement purposes more than for art and enjoyment. Vietnam has a rich history and culture but hasn’t yet being able to use those resources in movies.

Film production in Vietnam

Film festivals in Vietnam

Film clubs in Vietnam

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