Payment method

Dear Valued Clients, below we would like to introduce to you payment method to pay us

Pay from abroad with

If you don’t have an account with yet

Please use this invitation to register with

Normally, you will get free 1st transfer if you use invitation.
Transferring by is much cheaper than using bank.
I’ve recommended this to most Clients and it works well so far.

After you click into that link, it will appear as follow:

Please fill up your information and continue as instructed on that page!

If you already have an account with

Once you’re done registration with, click “Send Money” and fill up the amount, you can send by the same the currency you pay (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, JPY, etc)

Then click “Continue”, then at “Who are you sending money to?”, click “New Contact”, then click “Someone else”, then choose “I don’t have these details”

Then at their email, please enter my email address: !

After that, the screen should appears: “tuong thi tu khuyen is already on Wise, and would like to receive VND in the following account”

payment fixer in vietnam

Bank details:

Full name of account holder: TUONG THI TU KHUYEN
Bank code (BIC/SWIPT): VCBCVNVX. Please choose recipient’s bank, then please search for: “VIET CAPITAL COMMERCIAL JOINT STOCK BANK”
Account Number: 8007041215815

Recipient address

Country: VIETNAM
City: Thai Binh
Recipient Address: Vu Thu, Thai Binh.
Post code: 410000

Then please click “Confirm”

Then you can just make the payment. Here are some more information in case request:
Bank Name in Vietnamese: NGAN HANG TMCP BAN VIET
Bank Branch: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Swift code: VCBCVNVX

Pay from abroad with payment link

We can create a payment link and send you and you can pay by your debit/credit card: Visa, mastercard, etc, but except AMEX card. We can’t accept AMEX card at the moment.

Please note that you need to bear the transaction fee of (3.3% amount need to be paid + 5,500 VND)

Please do send us a screenshot after you made the payment!

Thank you so much for choosing us!

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