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Attending media training for ASEAN Media Practitioners hosted by GNWP and UNWomen Indonesia

From Jul 10-13, 2023, VFF attending media training for ASEAN Media Practitioners: Media and Women, Peace and Security workshop hosted by Global Network for Women Peacebuilders and UNWomen Indonesia in Manila, Philippines

4 days workshop in Manila had been a blast. As a freelance media practitioner in Vietnam, who usually stay behind the camera, I never expected to be seen, heard or recognized, but GNWP and UNWomen Indonesia showed me that it can happen. Workshop participants who are journalists, media professionals, writers, bloggers and influencers from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines were selected and sponsored to travel to Manila, Philippines for this event. We had chance to learn about ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on Women, Peace and Security and many helpful contents in media practicing from various speakers and from each other.

We had chances to team up to present our ideas. We had chances to play games, quiz to practice and remember what we’ve learned better.

By the end of the last day, as just a fun part, I was awarded “Best performer” and another participant from Vietnam, Ms. Hong Trang, was awarded “Best participant”. Though I know this is just a fun part, but it really reminded me to just try my best, and be the best I can be, and it will be rewarding.

After the workshop, we were encouraged to write posts for the topic of women, peace and security and this is just the right timing for me to write about the topic of women as agent of peace about wonderful Vietnamese women who significantly contributing to society.

Thank you so much GNWP and UN Women Indonesia for giving us this great opportunity! Thank all participants for this great time! This encourages me a lot in working on happiness & opportunities equality.


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