Vietnam Filming Fixer and Jimmy in Saigon

At 11pm August 1st 2020 (Av 12) Vietnam time, which is 9am California time, Vietnam Filming Fixer had joined a zoom call with Peter and Jimmy in Saigon Host Committee Members to get updates about the project.

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“Jimmy in Saigon” ( is a filming project by Peter McDowell who is Director Of Development at American Friends of the Louvre and an arts consultant.

“Jimmy in Saigon” talks about Peter’s deceased brother – the brother he didn’t know much in person, due to Jimmy died when Peter was just 5 years old. But Peter usually feel a spiritual connection with his deceased brother, Jimmy, and were told by people that he and Jimmy, have the most in common among their six siblings.

Jimmy, who real full name was James Austin McDowell, died in Vietnam in 1972 at 24 years young. His story is special because: he DIDN’T have to die in Vietnam. He finished his military service in Vietnam on Jan 1971 and came back to the US, and he could just continue his peaceful life in the US and never had to mind about the life in Vietnam anymore. However, somehow the unstable life in Vietnam (due to the war) was much more attractive to Jimmy than the better quality life in the US. Jimmy decided to find his own way to come back to Vietnam, and died quicly in 1972 because of a decease or infection which isn’t yet clear to his family.

The death of Jimmy – being the eldest – was a shock for the family. Peter thought of making a film about it for 20 years, in those 20 years, there were many times his determination went up and down. Only till 2016 he made the decision that he would do it.

By learning more and more about his deceased brother, Peter realized that though Jimmy’s life was short with a mysterious death, it was a life worth living and a story worth telling. Jimmy had done a lot by just living a short time. The shooting was done in both the US and Vietnam, and is now at post-production stage.

AND Jimmy’s story need your support for the film project to be able to finish.

If you have love for art, storytelling, filming, traveling … and being interested in this story, and can give, please support Peter to finish this project by giving here:

Here is the video for the Instagram live between Jimmy in Saigon & Vietnam filming fixer on May 5th at 7pm Pacific standard time /9am Vietnam time May 6th:

It was my luck to be involved in Peter’s project and to get to know his brother’s story. It’s his personal filming project about his deceased brother who he didn’t know much in person. In this project, Peter had combined his love for art, storytelling, filming, traveling … and his love for his family and his deceased brother. I really enjoyed working in this project because it’s combination of both professional and personal. Peter was ready and willing to discover his brother’s story, the good, the bad, the difference, the truth, whatever it is, he accepts it all.

Also, it impressed me that though Peter asks for donation and support for his filming project, he also asked people in need how he or someone can help. He believes in willing to share and also willing to receive.

Vietnam Filming Fixer and Jimmy in Saigon
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At 11pm May 1st 2020 Vietnam time, which is 9am Pacific time, Vietnam Filming Fixer had joined a zoom call with Peter and Jimmy in Saigon Host Committee Members to get updates about the project.

Jimmy in Saigon