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The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

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The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

Hue is considered to be one of the oldest city in Vietnam, this city is not affected by too many modern features, there are still many ancient elements. The ancient capital of Hue city is most important historical and cultural sight, occupies a prominent place in the middle of the city. It represents an excellent example of an eastern feudal city. Apart from this, there are numerous royal tombs, pagodas and temples inside and around the city, making it one of Vietnam’s most important cultural and historical centers. The natural scenery also brings a poetic and lyrical feature, making anyone feel peaceful and nostalgic.

This is the ideal place to get the ancient and poetic scenes. Let’s see what’s so special about this place!

1. Hue Imperial Citadel

Hue Imperial Citadel of Hue was the citadel of the Nguyen Dynasty during 143 years, from 1802 to 1945. Hue citadel was surveyed by King Gia Long in 1803, started construction from 1805 and completed in 1832 during the reign of King Minh Mang. 

Hue Imperial Citadel is located on the north bank of Huong River, facing to the south, with an area of ​​520 ha. The citadel has a circumference of nearly 10km; the walls are 6.6m high and 21m thick, solidly built with fortresses arranged equidistant from each other, along with cannons, ammunition depots. The original citadel was only made of earth, starting to be built by stone until the end of Gia Long’s reign, with a trench system surrounding the citadel.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

(The Meridian Gate)

Monuments inside the Imperial Citadel include Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace and Dai Trieu Nghi Stadium, Dien Tho Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, Hung To Temple, Trieu To Temple, Thai To Temple, Hien Lam Floor, Cuu Lam, Cuu Dinh and Phung Tien Palace. Hue Citadel is a unique combination of traditional Vietnamese architecture, Eastern philosophical ideology and characteristics influenced by Western military architecture.

Currently, Hue Citadel is one of the monuments belonging to the Complex of Hue Monuments Relics recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

2. Tomb of Tu Duc

Tomb of Tu Duc is located in a narrow valley in the old village of Duong Xuan Thuong, now Thuong Ba hamlet, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city. The tomb worships King Tu Duc, the fourth king of the Nguyen Dynasty. He reigned for 36 years, from 1847 to 1883.

Tomb of Tu Duc has sophisticated architecture and charming scenery. It is one of the most beautiful tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Tomb of King Tu Duc

The tomb complex is divided into two areas: electroplating and tombs. Tomb of Tu Duc was built to clearly show the nature of the King of the Nguyen Dynasty that is not only majestic and powerful, but also extremely gentle, elegant, full of poetry and artists. The landscape of tomb is like a classic colorful picture with bridges spanning a small lake and the green pine trees whispering in the wind. It is not difficult to get an extremely “classic” photos or videos.

Due to the fluctuations of the time, many architecture has here deteriorated or collapsed. After major restoration works in recent years, the splendor of one of the most beautiful tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty has been gradually restored, contributing to the unique appearance of Hue ancient ruins.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

3. Tomb of Khai Dinh

Located just 10 km from the center of Hue city, the Tomb of Khai Dinh is the last architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty and is also the most outstanding of all other tombs because of modern construction materials and the influence of foreign architecture.

The whole scene of tomb of Khai Dinh

(The whole scene of tomb of Khai Dinh)

Khai Dinh tomb was built during 11 years (1920 – 1931), lasting for 2 kings of the Nguyen Dynasty, Khai Dinh and his son Bao Dai. Although it’s the smallest tomb, but it’s  the most effort-consuming and most expensive tomb in the tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. Tomb of Khai Dinh is a combination of two cultures of East and West, reflecting the sumptuous preference of the king during his lifetime.

The entire interior in the 3 middle compartments of Thien Dinh Palace is decorated with grafted porcelain and glass reliefs. Each work shows the talent of the artists at that time. There is a great invaluable mural in Vietnam, decorated on the ceiling of 3 middle compartments of Thien Dinh Palace. After nearly 100 years, this painting still does not fade, the ink is still fresh.

Tomb of Khai Dinh

(Tomb of Khai Dinh)

4. Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, on the north bank of Huong River, about 5 km west of Hue city center. The pagoda was built in 1601 by Lord Tien Nguyen Hoang – the first Nguyen lord, so it can be considered the oldest temple in Hue.

Over many years, Thien Mu pagoda was built and added many works and architectures. In particular, the pagoda was rebuilt a significant scale under Lord Quoc – Nguyen Phuc Chu (1691-1725). In 1710, the Lord Quoc made the Dai Hong Chung bell weigh over two tons. 1714 is the largest expansion period in the history of the pagoda, a series of architectural works were built, such as Thien Vuong Palace, Dai Hung Palace, Dharma Hall, Tang Kinh Floor…

Thien Mu pagoda

(Thien Mu pagoda)

In 1844, King Thieu Tri erected Tu Nhan tower, now known as Phuoc Duyen tower. The tower is 21m high in octagonal shape. The tower has a total of seven floors, each floor is for a different Buddha. Standing on the tower, people can admire the calm Huong River and watch the light cruises floating on the river.

Thien Mu Pagoda is a sacred pagoda, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Hue that has entered many poems and romantic songs of Hue.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

(View from Phuoc Duyen tower)

5. Huong river

Huong River is the first image that visitors remember when mentioning Hue city. The gentle river flowing in the city is always a destination not to be missed for travelers who have once set foot in Hue.

Huong River is 80km long, the slope of the water flow compared to the sea surface is not much different, so the river water flows slowly. The part of the river flowing through Hue winding like a jade green silk creates a charm for this city.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

(Huong River)

The Huong River has a very special position for the cultural and spiritual life as well as the development of Hue tourism. Most of the beautiful scenery, unique architecture and famous cultural heritage of this ancient land converge on both sides of the river.

The Perfume River is also a stage and an environment to nurture and develop Hue’s intangible cultural types such as royal court music and Hue folk songs. This peaceful river is a cultural space to host many major art programs of Hue festivals and national and international cultural exchange events.

Huong River

(Huong river)

6. Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon is known as the largest brackish lagoon in Southeast Asia, one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Hue.

Tam Giang Lagoon is located in the Tam Giang – Cau Hai lagoon system, about 12 km from Hue city. This lagoon belongs to the four districts: Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra and Phu Vang of Thua Thien – Hue province.

Tam Giang Lagoon covers an area of ​​about 52 km2, stretching about 24 km in the Northwest – Southeast direction from the mouth of O Lau River to the mouth of Huong River. The depth of this lagoon is from 2 to 4 m, in some places up to 7m. People here live mainly on fishing. Every year, thousands of tons of fish and shrimp are exploited on the lagoon.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

(Tam Giang Lagoon)

Tam Giang Lagoon fascinates visitors by the wild beauty of ancient fishing villages, the views of the lagoons dyed with sunset. The footage and photos here always look magical and dreamy.

Tam Giang lagoon

(Tam Giang Lagoon)

7. Thuy Tien Lake

Thuy Tien Lake or Thuy Tien Park is one of the famous abandoned water parks in the world. Especially for foreign tourists coming to Hue city, they always consider this place a must visit.

Located in Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy Town, about 10 km southwest of Hue City, Thuy Tien Lake lies dormant in the middle of pine hill with a lot of abandoned buildings costing more than 3 billion USD.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

This is an ecotourism area that was put into operation in 2004. However, due to poor performance, by the end of 2011, this resort was closed to research and formulate a new project. This place was quickly degraded and abandoned. Because it is no longer used, the park evokes the feeling of a ghostly visitor coming out of a horror movie. In early 2016, after the article introducing Thuy Tien Park as an interesting and equally interesting destination of HuffingtonPost (USA), it attracted many adventurous people come here to discover, including many foreign tourists.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

8. Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, with a length of 42.5 km, more than 60 km from Hue city and 20 km from Da Nang. It is located in the middle of a tributary of the Truong Son mountain range reaching the sea, the south is Hai Van pass, the north is the Phu Gia pass. The advantage of the terrain creates a charming and beautiful landscape for Vinh Lang Bay.

Lang Co bay

(Lang Co Bay)

This is a pristine bay with flat beaches, beautiful blue water, very diverse ecosystems, vast tropical forests, and in the distance, undulating mountains full of wild and mysterious looks. Lang Co makes any visitor who has ever been here to be admired, overwhelmed.

In addition to the values ​​bestowed by nature, Lang Co Bay is located on the central heritage road stretching from Phong Nha cave, Hue ancient capital, Hoi An ancient town, to My Son holy land. It converges rich tourism resources and many attractive travel products that never disappoint anyone who comes here.

Referring to Lang Co Bay, we cannot ignore a place with mysterious wild beauty, that is Lap An lagoon. Lap An Lagoon is located in a beautiful position, right at the foot of the Phu Gia Pass, surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, in front of the gentle Lang Co Bay with turquoise water. The beauty of Lap An Lagoon is like a fairy lake, captivating people, making anyone want to hold on to these peaceful moments in this dream realm.

Lap An Lagoon

(Lap An Lagoon)

9. Tay Ho conical hat village

Tay Ho conical hat village is located beside Nhu Y river, in Phu Ho commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue province and about 12 km from the city center. The traditional village of making conical hats formed hundreds of years ago and poem hats appeared from the late 50s – early 60s of the twentieth century.

A simple conical hat seems to be made very simply. But in order to have satisfactory hats, the hat maker must go through 15 meticulous stages, requiring elaborate work; from selecting the frame, bending the rim, roofing the leaf, trimming the pattern, fixing the rim and finally polishing the preservation. The main material of the conical hat is the leaves of Bo Qui Diep trees picked on the forest. People often choose young leaves, have a light green color, then bring overnight dew to soften the leaves, then iron them. Flat, smooth, green and white leaves are the best.

Each year, Tay Ho village produces millions of conical hats, not only meeting the needs of Hue people, but also a meaningful souvenir for visitors to Hue. Many people are excited to being put their names on the hat to take home as a souvenir.

The most beautiful filming locations in Hue

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