filming for singapore airline ho chi minh city vietnam

Filming in-flight and social media videos for Singapore Airlines in Vietnam

Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. It’s famous for its quality and services. Feb 2023, Vietnam Filming Fixer had amazing experiences working with Geronimo Boy Film, UK and Luk Ho Hai My to produce in-flight and social media videos for this renowned airline in the series named “Beyond the cabin“.


Filming in-flight and social media videos were achieved at following locations:

  • Ben Thanh market
  • Ho Con Rua (Turtle lake)
  • Cho Lon (Chinatown)
  • Vinhomes Central Park/Landmark 81
  • Nguyen Hue walking Street
  • Rabbit Hole (bar)

The story

Joslyn is walking down the aisle of a Singapore Airlines flight. We capture her from
different angles. She talks to camera as she walks.. ‘Hi I’m Joslyn, a Chief
Stewardess with Singapore Airlines…

The camera follows her past the cabin divide and transitions into Ho Chi Minh City.
….and welcome to…

…The jazz scene of Ho Chi Minh City!’. She replies excitedly. Joslyn makes her
way through a typical Vietnamese street with a spring in her step.

We all know Vietnam for its bustling streets and incredible food. But I’m going to show you some sights that you might not expect in Ho Chi Minh City.

We see shots of the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City’s streets, it’s buzzing, street musicians perform and people are excited to go out.
I’ve been here a lot over the years and there are few places I have to show you, especially if you’re into your jazz and live music’.

We follow Joslyn down a busy street as she enters a secret bar.
‘This is COI Saigon. Not many people know about this place’

Services provided:

In this project, we have provided services to acquire film permit, arranging transportation, arranging crew member (2nd AC), contacting places in advance to ask for filming permission, as well as translation and interpretation services.

Filming time: Feb 11-14, 2023


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