filming travel video in vietnam

Filming travel videos in Vietnam

Vietnam is an excellent travel destination, it’s also a place of many beautiful hotels, and Mercure hotels are significant among them. Vietnam Filming Fixer was honored to work with Brave Bisons, UK to produce short videos featuring great sightseeing and experiences in Hanoi, Hoi An and Da Nang, Vietnam for Accor Hotels Group.

July 25, 2019: online meeting to prepare before crew comes into Vietnam for filming

I) Preparation

+ Contact Bun Cha Tuyet in advance for filming and having 2 other options for Bun Cha places in case it doesn’t work at Bun Cha Tuyet.

+ Contact water puppet show to film. There are 2 options: Thang Long water puppet theatre is the more popular one. However, they request a high fee, there isn’t flexible position to film and they don’t allow filming backstage at all. Long Link water puppet show only require entrance tickets plus a small tip for puppeteers, we can move around easily to film, and they allow filming backstage on the few last minutes.

+ Contact bicycle for rent service in Hoi An, planning to film Andrew cycling.

+ Finding egg coffee places in Da Nang and contact them in advance for filming.

II) Crew:

MCNguyễn Đức Anh (Andrew)
CameramanTung Duc Pham
ProducerLucy Bayley
Creative ProducerSebastian Bayona
Film OfficerKhanh Duc Vu
FixerKhuyen Tuong

III) Schedule:

Monday Aug 12:

Driver: Tien. Phone no: 098xxxxxxx. Car: Innova 7-seater. Plate number: 30A-xxxxx

5am: pick up crew at Mercure La Gare hotel, no 94 Lý Thường Kiệt.

5:10 – 08:00: Hoan Kiem lake: filming sunrise, people do morning exercise …

08:00 – 09:00: The Huc bridge, Ngọc Sơn temple

09:00 – 10:00: Old Quarter, Ô Quan Chưởng (gate). Filming street vendors on bicycle. (Not filming at Kim Ngân Temple at 42 Hàng Bạc str as planned).

11:00-12:00: Filming Bún Chả Tuyết at 34 Hàng Than str

12:00-16:00: lunch and resting

Sebastian and Andrew do Voice Over

16:30:  Start at Mercure La Gare hotel, filming the scene outside of the hotel. Met Ms. Trang – Marketing Department

19:00: go to Tạ Hiện beer street to film. It was raining, we borrowed 2 umbrellas from the driver.

* Tuesday Aug 13:

4:30am: pick up at Mercure La Gare hotel to go to Trấn Quốc pagoda at West lake. Wasn’t able to fly the drone. Andrew and Sebastian stay there to set time lapse. Tùng, Lucy, Khuyên went to near Thắng Lợi hotel to fly the drone.

05:41am: return to Trấn Quốc pagoda. 06:08am Seb, Lucy, Khuyên come back to Mercure La Gare hotel.

11:20 crew went to Museum of Ethnicity then film water puppet show at Long Link Water Puppet Show.

We interviewed Mr. Nguyễn Đăng Dung, Đồng Ngư water puppet, Thuận Thành, Bắc Ninh. We asked him about how were the puppets created, what stories are told, how are they told. And we filmed backstage activities of puppeteers.

16:00: travel to Nội Bài airport to fly to Đà Nẵng

Driver picking up from airport. Mr. Nha. Car: 16-seater. Plate no: 43B-xxxxx.

Having super late dinner at Tin Tin restaurant.

+ Wednesday Aug 14:

7:30 pick up crew at 2 Lê Hồng Phong street.

07:40-10:30: Filming at Phúc Kiến Assembly Hall 46 Trần Phú. The morning time it’s not so crowded at Hoi An Ancient Town.

10:30-12:00: filming around streets of Hoi An

15:00-16:00: Filming and interviewing at Việt Lantern 103 Trần Phú.

+ Who taught you making these lanterns and how long have you been making them?

+ Is there any special meaning in these designs? Or where the design on the cloth of lanterns come from?

+ Please tell us about the history of lantern making in Hội An?

16h00:20h00: setting time lapse of sunset on 2nd floor at The Shamrock Irish pub, 21 Nguyễn phúc chu Str. It was a lof of effort to make a deal with the restaurant so they’d keep the space for us for time lapse.

18:00-21:00: Lantern festival, boat ride

+ Thursday Aug 15:

7:00 pick up crew at 2 Lê Hồng Phong street.

Crew check out of hotel.

07:00-09:17: filming at Japanese bridge, filming riding cycle rickshaw

09:17: depart to My Son Sanctuary

10:30-12:50: filming at My Son Sanctuary. We were welcomed by Mr. Tien – retired experienced tour guide at My Son Sanctuary.

12:50: depart to Ba Na hills.

15:00: arriving at Mercure Danang French Village

+ Friday Aug 16/8:

07:15-16:00: filming at Ba Na hills Golden Bridge. The wind was very strong in the morning

16:00: depart to Da Nang city. 17:00: filming at Nối Cafe, No. 113/18 Nguyễn Chí Thanh str

Interview questions:

+ How did you learn to make this coffee?

+ What can you tell me about the coffee drinking culture in Vietnam?

+ What make this kind of coffee special?

19:30: check in hotel

+ Saturday Aug 17:

06:00 pick up crew at 32 Trần Phú then went for breakfast

07:30: filming at the Marble Mountains, Huyền Không cave. Open from 8am to 5pm

10:45: crew come back to hotel to rest, I look after time lapse till 14:15

16:45-21:30: filming around the city and Dragon Bridge, filming the Dragon Bridge breathing fire and water in the evening.

This happens every Saturday & Sunday evenings and some holidays, from 9pm – 9.15pm.

Andrew, Lucy, Sebastian bring camera to film close up. Tung & Khuyen find a place to fly the drone. It was crowded everywhere, it was hard to find a place to fly the drone. The best place we were able to find is parking space next to Danang Food Center.

This short video of 3 minutes 1 second is the effort of 2 days filming on Aug 12 & 13, 2019. The video was produced by Brave Bison, UK according to request of Accor Hotels Group for Mercure Hotels with MC is Youtuber ‘A Flying Andrew’, fixer service provided by Vietnam Filming FixerAll the scenes although was short but needed efforts to contact and ask for permissions in advance. Such as: the scene at The Huc bridge and Ngoc Son temple, the scene at ‘Bun Cha’ Tuyet, the scene at Long Link water puppet with permission to film backstage. It was a fun experience starting our filming day at 4.30am to film sunrise. It was very hot in Hanoi at that time, there wasn’t any breeze. I remember when we filmed at Long Link water puppet at Museum of Ethnicity, Lucy and I each held a hand fan in our hands to fan at the back for Tung – cameraman and Sebastian – Creative Producer.

This short video of 2 minutes 42 seconds is the effort of 2 days filming on Aug 14 & 15, 2019. The video was produced by Brave Bison, UK according to request of Accor Hotels Group for Mercure Hotels with MC is Youtuber ‘A Flying Andrew’, fixer service provided by Vietnam Filming Fixer The video featured Hoi An, Full Moon Festival, My Son Sanctuary – world heritage site, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Japanese bridge, making lantern, Lantern festival.

This short video of 2 minutes 29 seconds is the effort of 2 days filming on Aug 16 & 17, 2019. The video was produced by Brave Bison, UK according to request of Accor Hotels Group for Mercure Hotels with MC is Youtuber ‘A Flying Andrew’, fixer service provided by Vietnam Filming FixerI’ve helped the crew to contact and ask permission in advance of: Foreign Press Center for filming permit and drone permit, Noi Café to film making egg coffee, Marble mountains … communicate with local authorities and people in charge of Bana hills for filming.It was a shocking experience when it was so windy on the Golden Bridge of Bana hills, and our cameraman (Pham Gia Tung) still flew the drone. Everyone warned him (and he knew the danger), but he still determined to fly it. The wind was too strong, it took the drone far away. In one moment, we thought he lost control of the drone, and he would lost the drone. We were panic, but he was able to fly it back. The same thing happened when Tung flew the drone at Marble Mountains, when the drone travelled around the mountain, it lost signal due to thick stone. Luckily the drone automatically fly back to original place after losing signal.The time lapse scene in the video was less than 2 seconds, but it took me almost 3 hours to look after the camera for time lapse.It was a ‘weird’ evening in Aug 15th. Due to hotel run out of rooms, and we must stay there for early filming next day, Lucy Bayley (Executive Producer) and I stayed in the same room. When she found it too cold, she called the reception to ask for the remote control of the aircon. Later, a technician arrived, and he literally brought out a … radiator from the corner of the room. Later that night, both the aircon, and the windy weather outside made it quite cold. Thank Lucy for lending me your scarf and jacket for those days.When we were filming at Dragon bridge, Sebastian Bayona, our Creative Producer lost his phone and we were unable to find it.

Video dài 2 phút 29 giây này là kết quả của 2 ngày quay phim 16 và 17/8/2019. Video được sản xuất bởi Brave Bison, UK theo đơn đặt hàng của Tập đoàn khách sạn Accor cho Chuỗi Khách sạn Mercure với dẫn chương trình là Youtuber ‘Andrew Bay Bổng’, dịch vụ fixer cung cấp bởi Vietnam Filming Fixer.

Tôi đã giúp đoàn liên hệ và xin phép trước tới: Trung tâm báo chí nước ngoài cho giấy phép quay phim và giấy phép bay flycam, quay cảnh làm café trứng tại Nối Café, quay phim tại Núi Ngũ Hành Sơn … liên hệ với chính quyền địa phương và ban quản lý Bana hills để quay phim.

Trải nghiệm sốc nhất là khi quay phim ở trên Cầu Vàng ở Bana hills, trời gió rất to, và quay phim của chúng tôi, Phạm Gia Tùng (biệt danh “Tùng Thính”) vẫn bay flycam. Tất cả mọi người đều cảnh báo bạn ấy (và bạn ấy cũng biết rõ nguy hiểm), nhưng bạn ấy vẫn quyết tâm bay flycam. Gió quá mạnh, nó mang flycam bay xa. Trong một khoảnh khắc, chúng tôi nghĩ là bạn ấy đã mất kiểm soát flycam rồi, và bạn ấy sẽ đánh mất cái flycam mất. Chúng tôi hơi hoảng loạn, nhưng bạn ấy đã đưa được nó về.

Điều tương tự cũng xảy ra khi Tùng bay flycam ở Núi Ngũ Hành Sơn, khi flycam bay vòng qua núi, nó bị mất sóng do núi đá hấp thụ và che mất sóng. May mà flycam tự động bay về chỗ cũ sau khi bị mất tín hiệu.

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