Filming wartime stories in Vietnam

September 20, 1965, while serving as a crew chief aboard, Mr. Airman First Class William Andrew Robinson (a U.S. Air Force Rescue helicopter) was shot down and captured by Ms. Lai Thi Kim Nguyen – a Vietnamese guerrilla in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam.

30 years later, Robinson and Nguyen met again in 1995 because of a documentary filming project named “The reunion after 30 years” by Japanese filmmakers from NHK and Vietnamese filmmakers from National Documentary and Scientific Film Studio.

This picture shows that the two people who were on opposite sides fighting each other, can be friends after the war. And if the war didn’t happen, they could have been friends from the beginning.

William Andrew Robinson a U.S. Air Force Rescue helicopter Nguyen Thi Kim Lai Vietnamese guerrilla

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