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Filming at factories in Vietnam (fixer in Vietnam)

Filming at factory in Vietnam usually to capture the production process as well as the people to create marketing or internal uses pictures and videos.

Videos and photos being taken at factories give audience an impression and experience about how things actually work at a factory, how are the people there, thus, can help to increase trust and interest into the factory, company and products. Those also can be used as case study for further development, or materials for internal uses and meetings.

Vietnam has various factories producing different products such as: shoes, bags, clothes, food, seafood, agricultural products, milk, cashew, wood, metal, stone, etc. Many of those factories are owned by an international company or produce for international Clients.

There are a couple of things to note for filming at factories in Vietnam or anywhere in the world:

+ Scheduling and making appointments with the factory in advance. Understand their timing and schedule to make proper filming schedule is necessary.

For example, some factories may work at different shifts. Some factories may have really early shift, with a very long lunch break, then another shift. In some factories some activities may only happen at certain times.

+ Following protocols and standards: some factories require a high level of cleanliness and/or security. Such as food processing factory, you would have to wear their work custom and go through their cleaning process to make sure that you don’t affect on their product.

+ Some factories might have a lot of metal in their building and materials, that would affect drone while flying as drone has magnet and might be affected by those metals. It’s important to find a good drone pilot who have experiences flying in factories to make sure that drone can fly smoothly.

+ Catering for filming at factory can happen in 2 options:

  • Option 1: We ask the factory when they make lunches for their workers and staffs, they can make some extra for us. Or if they order lunches from outside for their workers and staffs, they can also order for us.
  • Option 2: We find a nearby restaurant, ask them to send menu to us, then we can order lunch in advance for them to prepare, then we either come there to eat or can ask the driver to come for takeaway.

In our history of filming, we have filmed at: TH true milk factory, cashew factory, shrimp factory, solar panel factory, beer factory, fish and shrimp feeding factory, medicine factory, etc

Show reel of filming at factory in Vietnam

Filming and photography at a steel company

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