filming for arte channel in vietnam

Filming for arte channel in Vietnam

Filming for arte channel in Vietnam was a long journey. The shooting happened on March 2019 in 10 days for 5 documentaries. We had overcame lots of difficulties together. First thing is the schedule and filming dates kept changing around 5 times because of different reasons. Every time it happens, then we have to contact our interviewees to inform them about that, and not all the time the new timing works for them.

2nd, it has been very difficult to find and contact some interviewees, someone who can answer the interview, and willing to answer it.

3rd, our schedule was very tight, and we traveled very long distance, it makes us very tiring.

4th, at some rural areas, we weren’t able to find good accommodation, due to it’s not developed, which make the crew uncomfortable. And our crew were easily waken up by morning noises, such as: rural loud speaker system, bell from a nearby church/temple, it happened as early as 5am, and made us not able to sleep well. Anyway, we had overcome things together, and below are the results:

Le Vietnam des clochers

This is a documentary about architecture of Catholic churches in Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh.

This is my most favorite in the series, probably because it took lots of efforts to prepare for the filming, there were times I thought it wouldn’t happen. And we also have overcame so many problems in the filming trip together.

In this video, I enjoy the most the scene at Hai Ly ruined church and the answers of Viet – because they’re so real and emotional. Obviously, one reason is he got questions which he could express his emotions. But the moment standing there to listen to his answers was a privilege and unforgetable.

In this documentary, we would like to thank: Mr. Viet – freelance artist, Mr. Cong – in charge of music at Phu Nhai basilica (being able to find both of you was a ), Priest Nam and Dinh at Phat Diem church.

Sincerely thank to Mr. Diep – Nam Dinh Department of Foreign Affairs for your help an understanding!

Thank to Foreign Press Center (Mr. Hieu & Mr. Giap)

And thank to Mr. Le Xuan Chung – our driver.

Sur les traces de Graham Greene au Vietnam

This was filmed in Ho Chi Minh city and Tay Ninh on March 2019. This documentary tried to find out about the stay of Graham Greene at Hotel Continental Saigon in the time he wrote the novel “The Quiet American”, and what he had mentioned in the novel.

This documentary had completed with contribution and help of: Mr. Hoang Minh Tien – retired director of Hotel Continential Saigon, Tim Doling – historian (, Tung – Marketing Communications Administrator at Caravelle Hotel (allowed us to film Saigon streets from hotel’s balcony), Mr. Tuan Em and his wife – Ms. Trang at Cao Dai temple, and all management board at Cao Dai temple, Tay Ninh for accommodating us so well.

Le Delta du Mekong, le fleuve nourrissier du Vietnam

This was filmed at An Giang and Can Tho on March 2019. To make this documentary, there are contributions of Ms. Tu and Ms. Duoc – Alden Travel, Ms. Linh – École française d’Extrême-Orient, Benoit Perdu – Transmekong, Jasques Poulian and Mr. Hoàng – Les Vergers du Mékong, and last but not least Mr. Hieu – Foreign Press Center. All had contributed to promote the images of Vietnam on arte – French and German tv channel.

I personally admire both Caroline – produce and Pierrecameraman for being so hard working under a hot weather which was uncomfortable even for Vietnamese.

Our driver in the trip was also great, one of the most smiling and kind driver I’ve worked with.

This is the link to the documentary on website of arte channel. However, unfortunately, it’s only watchable at some certain countries.

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