Filming in Hanoi, Vietnam

Filming in Hanoi, Vietnam

As the capital city of Vietnam with interesting sightseeing, food, culture, stories, Hanoi is among the top filming locations in Vietnam. Following content will give you insights about what do you need to know while filming here, and where can you film.

Old quarter, French quarter, Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc Son temple

filming in hanoi vietnam
Turtle tower

In Old Quarter, it’s hard to find a place for car/van to stop and wait, car usually only can drop you, then go out of Old Quarter to park, then come back, and sometimes you have to wait for quite long. When you visit Old Quarter, you may find 4-7 seaters parking around, but mostly it’s they park in front of their house, or the owner of the car has a good relationship with the place they park at.

Quan Chuong gate

Hang Ma street is one of the most significant streets in Old quarter, due to it usually sell decoration stuff for festivals, holidays, celebrations and they look really colorful and interesting.

filming in hanoi vietnam
Hang Ma street

Hang Thiec street is a street of metal products.

filming in hanoi vietnam
Hang Thiec street

Street market, vendors

filming in Hanoi vietnam
Street vendors

Old propaganda poster shop. The owner of the shop, Mr. Tran Cong Mien was interviewed by Sky News, United Kingdom when the North Korea – United States 2nd summit happened. Check it here.

Long Bien bridge & red river

filming in Hanoi, vietnam

“Banana island”: the land under Long Bien bridge which is so green with lots of banana trees, thus, local people call it “banana island” and it’s not an official name

filming in Hanoi vietnam
Banana Island

Ceramic walls

Hoang Hoa Tham street – a street with lots of plants and animals for sale (as pet, such as bird, fishes, dog, cat). This is an one-way street for car, and it usually doesn’t have space for parking along the way, thus, driver usually need to go out of it to find a parking place after drop off crew.

filming in Hanoi vietnam
Filming at Hoang Hoa Tham street

There is a small ‘market’ for old stuff at a small alley/space at Hoang Hoa Tham street which usually happens at Saturday morning.

filming in Hanoi vietnam
Market of old things at Hoang Hoa Tham street

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. Here is an article wrote by CNN travel, a guide when visiting. And here is the video by Al Jareeza on the occasion of Ho Chi Minh’s 50th year since death. A note that the flag rising ceremony starts at 6am, and flag closing ceremony starts at 9pm. The mausoleum is closed on Mondays and Fridays, except if it’s a national holiday. After applying for film permit from Foreign Press Center, the Center would help you to apply for a general permit from the Mausoleum.

filming in hanoi vietnam
Filming at Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

Temple of literature

Tran Quoc temple

filming in Hanoi Vietnam
Tran Quoc temple


Thong Nhat park

Museum of Ethnicity

Water puppet show

Silk village & embroidery village

Bat Trang ceramic village

Duong Lam Ancient village

Ba Vi

filming in Hanoi vietnam
Road to Ba Vi, Hanoi

Note: Filming is advisable if you apply for a film permit, read about how to apply for a film permit here.

Co Loa citadel

filming in Hanoi vietnam

Snake village and restaurants at Long Bien district.

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